Everyday I get questions from MFDs as to how to convince prospective clients who are investing through direct plans.

Well, there is no need to convince them. If something is cheap, many people will be driven towards that. There is nothing right and wrong ab ...

01 Mar 2022
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Advisory is becoming more challenging

Financial markets are dynamic. Things change over time. We used to consider mutual funds as very safe. They still are but defaults in debt m ...

22 Jan 2019
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Let's respect each other

During bad markets, portfolio of clients go down. Some IFAs, when they approach other existing clients and look at their portfolio, bad mout ...

25 Oct 2018
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Don't make mutual fund distribution business complicated

The simplest business I have known is mutual fund distribution and yet many IFAs are making it look complicated. It is not a rocket science. ...

07 Aug 2018
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Build it in such a way

Revenue will always be under pressure as the industry matures. Don’t worry about that. Also, you have no control on this. You should a ...

26 Jun 2018
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Market Valuation

I have seen that markets rarely trade at fair value. They trade either way a premium or at a discount. For eg., If you think that Index' ...

24 Apr 2017
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Focus on process, not markets.

It is impossible to control the markets. They will always surprise. Focus on your processes. It will help you grow. Set your client engageme ...

27 Mar 2017
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Talk solutions, not sales.

Clients are not interested in your targets and commissions. They are only interested in solutions which can improve their financial life. Li ...

20 Feb 2017
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Make your clients investment rise. Clients will protect you from falling.

If you help your clients investment go up, clients will protect you from falling down. It is simple and there is no rocket science in this. ...

13 Feb 2017
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Stay away from garbage

Investment advisory is basically about (1) Integrity (2) knowledge of products and (3) managing clients behaviour. That's it. If you ...

27 Jan 2017
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Build Relationships

Many IFAs constantly try to get in touch with clients with the sole objective of selling financial products. In every communication, there i ...

02 Jan 2017
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How to become productive

Many IFAs work very hard. They work day and night. Still, they struggle to grow. It is because they are not productive in their work. They g ...

23 Dec 2016
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Clients want safety, IFAs sell risk

Most clients are conservative. They don't want to take risks. They are alright with reasonable returns. However, IFAs generally try to s ...

12 Dec 2016
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The power of time

The only way to beat the market is to have sufficient time. Time can even correct bad decisions. If you want to expose clients to equity-ori ...

02 Nov 2016
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Build Integrity

Build your practice on integrity, not sales. Sales never last. Integrity does. Client's interest should be protected first before t ...

05 Oct 2016
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Be passive

Passive approach wins. Not only passive investors make money when it comes to advisors; those who apply a long term approach in their adviso ...

01 Aug 2016
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