Super IFAs think positive in all situations

Super IFAs think positive in all situations. Average IFAs think negative and call it being practical. Super IFAs ask themselves, “How ...

17 Jul 2017
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Average IFAs look at the short term, Super IFAs think long term.

Compounding works in the long term. Just like investments multiply over long term because of compounding, IFAs also need to think the same w ...

15 May 2017
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Work silently

There are hundreds of IFAs who have grown in the last decade. You may not know most of them. The reason is; they worked silently all the way ...

20 Mar 2017
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Don't copy others. Find your niche.

Every advisor is different. Learn from others but don't try to copy. Your age, background, expertise, city, clients, etc are all differe ...

18 Jan 2017
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Super IFAs

Super IFAs of today were not made in a day. They also faced challenges along the way. Regulations, market crashes, redemptions and what not. ...

27 Dec 2016
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Meet top IFAs

The easiest way to become a top IFA is to be in the company of other top IFAs. Sure, you are different and your strategies, client profile, ...

23 Aug 2016
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Do you have confidence in the industry?

I meet thousands of IFAs across the country. Some of them are highly successful while others are struggling. If I were to identify one key e ...

18 Aug 2016
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