25 Jan 2021

Sell the right products

Mutual funds are good products. That doesn't mean other products are bad. There are some great schemes other than mutual funds, which sh ...

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30 Nov 2020


Marketing is important. It will get you more clients which in turn will increase your business. However, spending more time in learning is m ...

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01 Feb 2018

Engage in Positive Marketing

No doubt, a lot of investors are moving ‘direct’. It’s there choice. Some of them will benefit from it also while it will ...

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27 Feb 2017

Sell what you will buy

To become a successful IFA is easy. Sell what you will buy for yourself. When you are fully convinced about a product, you can sell it with ...

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06 Feb 2017

Hire people for service.You are best suited for sales.

IFAs are best suited for sales, not paperwork. Hire people for servicing and other issues. You should get engaged in sales. That is what you ...

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01 Dec 2016

Advisory will make you wealthy

Selling can make you rich. Advisory will make you wealthy. Selling is easy and you can become rich too. However, if you want to take your bu ...

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