Ms. Abhilasha, 52 is a widow. She wishes to park 40 lacs which she got from her husband’s insurance policy. She also gets a pension which is sufficient to take care of current expenses. She is averse to risk and do not have much idea about investments.

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Mr. Sandip Malpani earns Rs.1 lac a month and is considering investment in mutual fund schemes for the first time. He wishes to make a lump sum investment of Rs.3 lacs for 3-5 years. His risk profile is moderate.

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Mr. Satish Shah retired last month and got 75 lacs as retirement benefit. His monthly pension is Rs.36,000/- per month and his monthly expenses are Rs.30,000/- per month. He wants to invest Rs.50 Lacs in investments with high security of capital. He is willing to take some risk on the balance amount. His time horizon is long term.

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Mr. Yogesh Sahni wants to create an education fund for his daughter who is 2 years old. He is at a senior position in an MNC. He is already contribution to EPF and has good term insurance cover.

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My client wants to invest Rs.10 lacs in the name of her grandchildren's aged 1 and 3 years for period of 10+ years. Which product should I suggest her?

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