Benefits of Coaching

Why Coaching?

Every individual needs a mentor to grow in life, personally and professionally. If you are looking for a coach, Brijesh can help you.

Master Your Practice. Master Your Life.

This one to one coaching program by Brijesh will guide financial advisors to master their practice and help them improve quality of life and thereby, master their life.

What is covered?

How to grow as a mutual fund distributor / RIA / Financial intermediary.
How to become a better individual, develop good habits and lead a quality life.

Who should enroll?

Serious financial intermediaries who want to balance their personal and professional life.

Coaching Fee

First Year – Rs.3,00,000/- + GST
Renewal (optional) – Rs.3,00,000/- + GST

Coaching FAQ's

About Brijesh

Tell me more about the program.

Do I need to share my client’s detail and information?

Is this program related only to mutual funds?

Is this program suitable for IFAs in small cities also?

Is there any limitation on telecon?

What will be the mode of communication?

Can I terminate coaching in between?

Can Brijesh terminate the coaching in between?

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