05 Apr 2021

Learn the Game

It is important to spend time learning the game. Yes, you can have fun playing it without getting a hold of it but you won't win. An occ ...

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04 Jan 2021

Don't do too many things

I have seen many MFDs trying too many things to grow. It seems as if they have FOMO (fear of missing out) if they don't participate in e ...

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02 Feb 2019

Don't Hurry

The budget has become routine for the markets. Like any other event. Dont overemphasize it. Dont try to be Me First in sending budget highli ...

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22 Oct 2018

Beautiful memories of hard work

As a mutual fund distributor, you will definitely grow over time. There is no quick fix way. There is now one way. Keep exploring and keep t ...

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18 Dec 2017

Embrace the change

Challenges are part of any business. In our business, regulations are becoming stricter and many IFAs think it will make them extinct. No, i ...

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13 Nov 2017

Stay away negativity

A lot of distributor engage in posting lot of negative messages (profession related or otherwise too) on social media. Stay away from it. Yo ...

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06 Nov 2017

Everything will settle down

I remember, around ten years ago, IFAs used to be concerned about the future of mutual fund business since entry load was banned. They thoug ...

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20 Oct 2017

Make yourself premium

Many distributor meet clients at odd hours because clients demand this. This should be avoided. Be professional. Doing it once in a whi ...

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16 Oct 2017

Create your own brand

Create your own brand. It helps big time in the long run. While you may not see value of branding in the short term, it will slowly compound ...

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11 Sep 2017

Keep it simple

Sell simple products and keep things simple. Don’t make things complicated for clients thinking that they will then put more value in ...

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07 Aug 2017

Nothing is permanent

Nothing is permanent in life. The same is true with mutual fund advisory and distribution business also. The model will keep on changing. Re ...

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31 Jul 2017

Don't be an all rounder

Don’t be an all rounder. You should be the advisor and let your people do the servicing. Team work brings reward to everyone. You know ...

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12 Jun 2017

It's your choice

Being in mutual fund distribution business was an IFAs choice. Being successful is his own responsibility. Don’t look for excuses. Don ...

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05 Jun 2017

Be loyal to your clients. They will reciprocate their loyalty to you.

Loyal Clients are key to IFAs growth. There is a simple rule to make loyal clients. Be loyal to your clients. Most clients will reciprocate ...

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22 May 2017

There are all type of IFAs

There are stories of IFAs everywhere and there are also excuses by IFAs everywhere. Which side are you? In every city there are IFAs who are ...

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30 Dec 2016

Long Route is the Short Route

If you want to take the short cut, take the long route. Yes, that's the way you can cut the distance by half. A short cut is a myth. It ...

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19 Oct 2016

Disruption will keep on happening

Disruption is happening in the investment advisory marketplace in India. Regulation is tightening the grip. Competition is emerging fast. Di ...

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04 Aug 2016

Keep Going

Keep your focus intact. Keep your head down. Keep your discipline running. Keep selling SIPs. Keep servicing clients. Keep understanding the ...

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15 Mar 2016

Ignore the noise

There is so much noise around. About regulations, market movements, performance, research, client behavior, etc. Average IFAs participate in ...

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