Everyday I get questions from MFDs as to how to convince prospective clients who are investing through direct plans.

Well, there is no need to convince them. If something is cheap, many people will be driven towards that. There is nothing right and wrong about it. However, there are and always be, people who look for quality, support and hand holding. These are the ones who will help you build your business. And there are enough of them out there waiting for you to connect with them. You will grow with people who believe in you and value your service proposition, not because of those who have decided not to use your services. They have their own reasons and let’s respect that. Don’t make it an ego to convince everyone. 

You don’t need the whole world to buy from you. A couple of hundred clients are good enough out of a billion out there. There are enough opportunities around you. Don’t just focus on a few who are not convinced. Move on.

Anirudh Kashyap
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