Let's respect each other

During bad markets, portfolio of clients go down. Some IFAs, when they approach other existing clients and look at their portfolio, bad mouth the earlier IFA suggesting that the choice of AMCs and schemes were not good.They say that the investor should not have invested so much in small cap or mid cap, or the equity allocation should have been less. While, there may be few examples of wrong selling but we should not harm the overall reputation of IFA fraternity. This is not the right thing to do. Before we put another IFAs into bad light, we should introspect our own client’s portfolio and the choices we made for our clients. I am not saying we should support IFAs who did wrong. I am just saying, when things don’t go right, we all should act responsibly and stay away from negative marketing. Most IFAs are doing a very good job. Let’s respect each other.

Anirudh Kashyap
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