Vaccination certificate and insurance

09 Jun 2021

Following with global trends, insurers in India are also toying with the idea of seeking vaccination certificates from prospective policyholders before issuing a policy.

  1. TATA-AIA and Max Life Insurance are toying up with the idea of insuring people aged over 45 only if they have certificates to prove they have been vaccinated.
  2. Prospects may need to furnish single or both the vaccination certificates at the time of applying for the policy
  3. Travel insurance will mandatory require vaccine certificates for international travel, especially if the destination country has a must have policy for people travelling there
  4. With the WHO yet to include Covaxin in its list of approved Covid-19 vaccines, the fate of several potential outbound travellers from India hangs
  5. Students planning to study abroad are being mandatorily asked to include vaccine certificates as part of admission and travel. Students, especially those who have taken a dose of Covaxin are in a spot at the moment, and are hoping for Covaxin to make the WHO approved list of Covid-19 vaccines, lest their future dreams are left shattered.

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