Equity Funds records ₹ 20,534 Crore net inflows in Mar’23, the Highest in 12 months

Equity Fund inflows recorded ₹ 20,534 Crore, a jump of 30.91% month on month, despite negative global news flow & recession fears. Overall categories of all types of Mutual Funds witnessed an outflow of ₹ 19,264.26 Crore in March’23 compared to a ₹ 9,575.17 Crore inflow in February.

Open-ended Debt Mutual fund continues outflow for the last 4 months and in March’23 it recorded an outflow of ₹ 56,884.13 majorly due to outflow in Liquid and other ultra-short duration funds.

Data concludes that investor shifted their focus from short to long-duration debt mutual funds. Hybrid Funds also witnessed a negative outflow of ₹ 12,372.04 crores in the period after ₹ 460.32 crores of positive inflow in the month of Feb’23.

It's clear from the above data that all the categories of equity fund witnessed positive inflows in Mar’23 with the highest inflow in the Dividend Yield Fund category fund due to SBI Dividend Yield FundNFO(New Fund Offer) which accumulated ₹ 3496 Crores.

Disclaimer: Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme-related documents carefully before investing. All the data of the above article have been procured from the website of AMFI.

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