Key Insights from AMFI Data Revealing Significant Changes in the Mutual Fund Industry Period - Aug’23

In the dynamic world of mutual funds, the data for Aug’ 2023 by AMFI India showcases some remarkable trends and milestones. Here are the highlights:

Record-Breaking AAUM: The overall Average Net Assets Under Management (AAUM) reached an all-time high of ₹46,93,648 Crore, marking a substantial 19% year-on-year(YoY) growth.

Equity AAUM Surges: Average Net Equity AUM contributed significantly, standing at ₹1,826,078 Crore with a YoY growth of 25%. Notably, Dividend Yield funds stole the show with a remarkable YoY growth of 72%, closely followed by Small Cap Funds, which registered a 58% increase. In contrast, Focused Category and Large Cap Funds experienced more modest growth at 8% and 10%, respectively.

Sectorial/Thematic Funds Lead Net Inflows: Sectoral and thematic category funds attracted the highest net inflow, with ₹4,806 Crore, closely followed by Small Cap Funds at ₹4,265 Crore. Conversely, Large Cap, Focused, and ELSS categories saw negative net inflows.

Debt Schemes Show Mixed Results: Debt schemes exhibited a moderate growth of 8% YoY, reaching ₹14,53,277 Crore in AAUM. Long-duration and Gilt with constant maturity funds saw substantial growth, with increases of 254% and 188%, respectively. However, overnight funds and credit risk funds faced declines of 27% and 8% in AAUM.

Fluctuations in Debt Fund Net Flows: Among Debt funds, Liquid funds experienced a substantial net outflow of ₹26,824 Crore, while Ultrashort-term funds saw an outflow of ₹4,123 Crore. The highest inflows were observed in overnight, floater and corporate bond funds within the open-ended debt fund category.

Hybrid Category Resilience: The hybrid category witnessed a healthy growth of 12.60% YoY, reaching ₹5,71,127 Crore in AAUM. Multi-asset allocation funds displayed the most substantial YoY growth at 64%, amounting to ₹36,097 Crore. Arbitrage funds also saw significant net inflows, totaling ₹9,483 Crore in August 2023.

Increasing Investor Participation: The total number of folios reached 15,42,41,577, reflecting a 13% YoY growth.

SIPs Reach New Heights: Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) monthly contributions soared to ₹15,814 Crore, with a net addition of 16.33 Lakh new SIP registrations. This brings the total number of SIPs to an impressive 696.86 Lakh, with SIP AUM hitting an all-time high at ₹8,47,131 Crore.

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Disclaimer: Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme related documents carefully before investing.  Data Source: AMFI India. Figures may be rounded to the nearest value.

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