SEBI Board Meeting announcements

SEBI Board Meeting announcements

✅Amendment to mutual fund rules requires AMCs to invest in NFOs based on risk level

✅ Current rule requires an investment of 1% of the amount raised in New Fund Offer (NFO) or an amount of Rs 50 lakh, whichever is less

✅New rule requires AMCs to invest more in their NFOs depending on risk level to ensure more skin-in-the-game

✅SEBI board clears proposal to amend the FPI rules to permit eligible Resident Indian Fund Managers (other than individuals) to be constituents of Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs)

✅Amends regulations for independent directors, criteria for InvITs and REITs

✅Increase penalties in case of insider trading

✅Allows banks other than scheduled commercial banks to act as investment bankers to provide easy access to investors to participate in public or rights issues by using various payment avenues

✅Credit Rating Agencies Regulations also amended to define a credit rating agency (CRA) in terms of rating of securities that are listed or proposed to be listed on a recognised stock exchange


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