Mutual Fund inflows hold promise

Compared to May 2021, when the industry witnessed net outflow of Rs 38,602 crore, June 2021 had a net inflow of Rs 15,320 crore

✅ Equity mutual funds witnessed an almost 50% drop in inflows compared to the May 2021 data

✅ June had a gain of Rs 5,988 crore of inflows compared to Rs 10,082.9 crore inflows in May

✅ Small cap funds saw a significant reduction in inflows in June with inflows of Rs 705 crore compared to the Rs 1,080 crore inflow in May

✅ With the exception of mid cap funds, all other equity fund categories had a sharp decline in inflows in the month of June

✅ Floater funds witnessed inflows worth Rs 6,318 crore in June, due to uncertain interest rate scenario

✅ Overall, the industry witnessed a steady rise in new investors, with 2.39 crores unique investors, which is twice of what it was four years ago

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