Equity funds Rule, Liquid Funds Impacted

Monthly AMFI data is always interesting to analyse in hindsight.Here are some interesting data points from the data for the month of May 2021


  1. The Industry AAUM shot up to Rs 32.99 lakh crore (increase of Rs 56,965 crore)
  2. Total folios count has crossed the 10-crore mark
  3. Gross monthly inflows through SIP have risen to Rs 8,819 crore (increased from Rs 8,596 crore in April)
  4. Number of SIP accounts has increased to 3.9 crore.
  5. Overall, equity schemes have witnessed net inflows of Rs. 10,083 crore in May. The figure is almost thrice the April net inflows of Rs. 3,437 crore
  6. Overall, the industry witnessed net outflows of Rs 38,601.87 crore
  7. Among equities; ELSS witnessed a net outflow
  8. Multi-cap funds garnered highest net inflows in May at Rs 1,954 crore, mostly contributed by the NFO of ABSL's multi-cap fund which mobilised Rs 1,922 crore to the category
  9. Inflows in hybrid schemes dipped to Rs 6,217 crore in May from Rs 8,641 crore in April
  10. Inflows in arbitrage funds were up by Rs 4,521 crore followed by dynamic asset allocation funds at Rs1,363 crore
  11. Net outflows in liquid funds was Rs 45,000 crore in May
  12. Rs 1,98,000 crore fresh investments into liquid funds in May, compared to about Rs 2,50,000 crore in April
  13. Net inflow for liquid funds in April was Rs 41,000 crore
  14. Redemption in May was Rs 2,40,000 crore compared to Rs 2,10,000 crore in April 


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