Gold Price Chart

Historical prices of Gold. Hope this will be useful to you for the marketing of Sovereign Gold Bond.

Direct vs Regular

Use this presentation to engage with clients who want a discussion between direct and regular plans.

Rupee vs. Dollar

Performance of the Indian Rupee against U.S Dollar is of much interest. Find here the historical INR/USD data.

Large Cap vs Mid Cap vs Small Cap

There has always been a debate on which category of funds to choose. Let us dig a little deep

Cost Inflation Index (CII)

Cost Inflation Index (CII) is used to determine the cost of acquisition of long term asset for tax purposes. Download this file to see year wise values of CII.

NRI investment in India

This Presentation provides a basic guideline for NRI investment in India along with tax treatments

7 Financial lessons from the Pandemic

Covid-19 has taught has many lessons in life. Check out the 7 financial lessons one can learn from the pandemic.