Will life be easy?
  • Sanjeev Mundhra
  • March 13th, 2020
  • Kolkata
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Those who think so will be caught on the wrong foot but if you work hard and take calculated risk you can make it smooth over time.I had a corporate life for 6 years,decided to quit and join as a working partner and worked in other ARN for 5 years. Kept my commitment for 5 years as per the MOU, decided to quit again and start a fresh .

One fine morning in June 2015 was at zero AUM but was luckily undergoing master stroke classes from Brijesh Dalmia at that time which helped me fine tune the decision at a more deep level…. ….

God always has a plan for you..

Completed 2 years under my ARN 102294 in June 2017 Current AUM 25.17 cr SIP book 23.50 lakh per month,Will close 40 cr and SIP book of 35 lakh by March 2018.

Apart from mutual funds I also sell other financial products to cater to all category of clients Currently taking care of 120 families across the city of Joy.

Have a vision…Take risk …Find a coach…Make life a little easy …Miles to go.


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