When passion turns into profession
  • Ratan Motwani
  • March 13th, 2020
  • Raigarh
  • 425
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Current AUM: Rs.5.64 Crores
Current SIP No: 75
Current SIP Amount: Rs.10.00 Lacs
No. of Active Clients: 150(approx)
Have office: Yes
Have staffs: Yes
No. of Staffs: 2

I have seen this industry from my school days.  My grandfather was into LIC and was a Chairman club member.  My father is an Income Tax and sales tax consultant and my uncle is a financial advisor.

So we can say savings and investment is in my blood.

This business was always my first choice and when passion turns into profession then sky is the limit.
We all know what exactly a laymen Investor expect from the market. At the end what matters is a handsome tax free rate of return which is obviously more than FD’s return.

My basic and simple idea is to visit and approach as many as possible potential clients as possible.
I used to explain benefits of mutual funds by showing them past performance. I try to assess their risk appetite and reinvestment horizon . I preferably sell SIP’s  in equity Funds , STP in equity funds and balanced kind of funds. Tax treatment of Mutual fund is what attracts most of my potential clients. I sell long term debt fund to clients who expect returns close to FD.


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