From SIP book of 2,500/- per month to 90 lacs per month
  • Bhavesh Gandh
  • March 12th, 2020
  • Gujarat
  • 471
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I started my career with a government organization and spent 14 years there. My vision, risk taking capabilities, passion about numbers and motivation from parents lead me into “Financial Planning” Business.

I started my journey with focus in “Insurance” and became 1st  MDRT member for Private Life Insurance in Gujarat and thereafter for 5 years continuously.

I started learning from my experiences and realized  that I should focus in area where returns are more than inflation rate. So, I concentrated on equities and eventually came into mutual fund business.

I started educating my Investors and made them realize the power of SIP. My 1st year AUM was 12.5 lacs and total monthly SIP was just Rs.2,500/- all together. Today, I have over 90 crores of AUM with SIP book of 90 lacs.. I have over 1,500 live sips running.


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