Focusing on quality clients
  • Aman Gupta
  • September 25th, 2019
  • Chandigarh
  • 2005
  • 13

I was working in stock broking industry from 2007-2015 in various companies. It took me sometime to understand but I figured out that this industry is not in alignment to client’s Interest. If the broker is making money, then there were very high chances that clients were on the losing end. So I left the industry & entered into financial planning business which was based on ethics, honesty & transparency. Moreover the biggest comfort I had in this business was that the interest of both parties involved was aligned. We did not want to grow before the growth of our clients. We worked on key area to add value to our clients like :-

Wealth Creation – Investments & Goal Planning

Wealth Protection – Term & Health Insurances

LAS – Loan against securities to meet short term needs of clients without redeeming their investments.

Value addition by providing Vehicle Insurance & Stock Broking Services at deep discount prices.

We have plans to add more services in future but our sole mission is to be the best in whatever we offer to our clients. Of course we will be making some mistakes on the way but then growth without making mistakes is a myth.

One thing which I strongly believe is in educating my clients on Investing & importance of goal planning. I communicate with my clients on daily basis through Whatsapp providing them with data, analysis & wisdom on investing & personal finance.

We are a team of 4 dedicated professionals working to provide the best experience to our clients. NJ’s support has been marvellous in all these years & I must say that they are the pioneers when it comes to innovation & technology. We are currently handling around 50 crores of AUM for more than 1,000 clients. We have an SIP book of 71 Lacs as of now & we expect to reach 1 Crore SIP book this year.

As far as future projections are concerned we are more focused on quality than quantity. After all these years I have realised that every person who comes to investing in mutual funds cannot make money. Only the ones who are ready to learn the process & are ready to go through the pain of flat or negative returns & still keep patience are going to create wealth from here. So we will be focusing more on educating clients & handholding them thorough thick & thins of markets. A client who does not want to dedicate some time in understanding how things work in investing is anyhow going to leave us sooner or later so we also don’t want to direct our time & energy toward these type of clients. In short we are not focusing AUMs. We are focusing on good quality clients irrespective of their net worth.


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