25 crores AUM in 2 years with a 35 Lacs SIP book
  • Sanchit Attawar
  • June 16th, 2021
  • Mumbai
  • 1584
  • 14

The company (Sansha Financial Services) began with the coming together of two diverse professionals. One (Ms Ayesha Fahim) with a retail sales and team management experience of more than 20 years in the Industry and the other (Mr. Sanchit Attawar) with a product and corporate sales experience of 19 years. With an operation spanning 3 cities : Mumbai, Bangalore and Mysore, we cater to over 350 clients based all across the globe.

The company was formed on 1st March 2019 with a select set of clients, with the additional client set being added only through referrals and personal contacts. The key differentiator was to invest in technology from the inception of the company, right from onboarding the client on the NSE platform and ensuring seamless servicing through the platform itself. At present also, we are in the midst of developing a customised module for CRM, commission tracking and timely reminders to the client.

With most of our clients, we have a goal based approach which enables us to offer a complete solution of Life, Health and Mutual Fund Solutions to our clients. Over a 2 year period, we have built up a base of more than 350 clients who invest with us. We target to achieve a SIP book of 75 lacs with an overall AUM of 100 crores by 2025.


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