100 Crores AUM in 4 Years
  • Pratik Mukasdar
  • March 28th, 2023
  • Nagpur
  • 2467
  • 29

I started in 2018 in a store room which was at my friend’s father’s office for the first 3 months then I moved into a proper small office.

One of my first clients gave me a decent-sized cheque initially and from there, things started. Initially, things were slow and the SIP book took time to build up as markets were flat during 2018-19 flows were not great, but I sustained them as I had my broking terminal as well. Then came the 2020 Covid crash and I thought now I am behind by 3 years.

But God had other plans, the way the market recovered and I became aggressive on business and it clicked like anything and since then there was no looking back. I was never a plain MFD and always wanted to build a Wealth business where clients can access multiple products. I reached to maximum possible clients and "सबने अपनी तिजोरी खोल दी ".

Currently, I cater to 125 families with more than 500 SIPs. My SIP book has crossed 40 Lakhs. I am extremely bullish on the future of our business and the country at large. Sky is not the limit but our mind is. So we need to think really large.

I aspire to grow my business 10x in the next 5 years. I owe my journey to God, markets, Mentors, and most importantly my clients without whom even a fraction of this was not possible.


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