SIP by SIP we are growing
  • Anil Singhania
  • March 12th, 2020
  • Kolkata
  • 742
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“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.”

I still remember the sleepless night of 22nd Aug 2016 and stressed morning of 23rd Aug 2016. I was going to mail my resignation letter to my current employer. There were mixed feelings. On one hand, there was a negativity haunting me that what if I won’t be able to achieve what I desire and on the other hand, my heart was saying ‘Believe it and you can Do it’. With this belief in mind, I followed my heart and clicked on my resignation mail.

With a firm belief on The Law of Attraction, the blessings of my parents and support of my family and friends, I started a new journey into the mutual fund arena. I left my Job after one month notice period i.e. on 22nd Sep 2016 and my wife left her practice as a company secretary and jointly we plunged into an ocean of opportunities.

Within one year, the fruits of our hard work and dedication were in our hands. “Samriddhi Wealth” had started taking shape and after working from our home at Tollygunge for about one year, we shifted to our new office in the official heart of Kolkata in August 2017.  Our team which included only me and my wife, also started growing.

We now have a six people team, 989 registered unique clients with an AUM of Rs.96.55 crores and monthly SIP book of Rs.45.27 Lacs with 1095 SIP counts.

I would not call the above as my success story, as success is something very subjective. The above is my growth story which will continue till infinity.

My message for the IFA community is that, if you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you are right.


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