From being an employee to becoming an IFA
  • Aravinda Kumar
  • March 12th, 2020
  • Mysore, Karnataka
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While working in insurance I was constantly approached for SIP investment but I always ignored. I couldn’t recognize the power of mutual funds. Later on, I joined bank in a remote place with absolutely no scope for any investment except FDs. I had minimum number of accounts and that too from aged persons. One day an AMC person came and explained me the benefits of mutual funds which I can sell against fixed deposits. It took me time to understand how mutual fund works but I realized the power of trail.

I took a decision to resign from my job and started mutual fund distribution. Today, the result is that in 5 years my AUM is 13 crores and SIP book of 30 Lacs with around  300 clients.

I always follow up with prospects only for appointment and later on to start investing they start following up me. Bcoz I make them realise that Mutual Funds Sahi Hai.


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