Computer Engineer to Financial Advisor
  • Samir Rastog
  • March 13th, 2020
  • Ahmedabad
  • 445
  • 1

I am a Computer Engineer with post-graduation in MBA (Finance). I started my career with Copal Amba – A moody’s Analytics Company in March 2013. I worked as an equity research analyst for a leading Investment Banker.

I started my Journey as an IFA in May’2016. I use NSE NMF II Platform for 99% of my transactions, 1% being KYC transactions. Due to online presence, location is no more a barrier to my profession and I grab business from every corner of the world. My major focus is on educating the investor and offering asset allocation based on their requirements rather than pushing them for investments. Satisfying a client and getting multiple referrals from the client as well as their referrals is what I focus on.

Currently, I have managed an AUM of 16.50 with an SIP book of 5.25L. Current client base is over 300 and looking forward to hit the 1000 mark soon. For ease of access to valuations, our investors have access to our website and mobile application too.


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