The Ten Commendments

₹ 25,000.00

About the Program
In this one of its kind of coaching series, Brijesh will give you one key actionable idea in each session. He will explain the idea in 15 minutes followed by 45 minutes of QnA. If you implement these ideas (rather than re-inventing the wheel yourself), your growth will be faster and more sustainable.

⏹️ Program Duration: 10 Weeks. 10 Masterclasses. 

⏹️ Webinar Duration: 1 hour

➡️ Starts from: 5th Feb’22 Saturday. (Every Saturday 11 am)

Will a recording of the session be available?
Yes, for 30 days.

I have become a mutual fund distributor recently. Will this program be suitable for me?
Absolutely. This program will tell you what to do and also what not to do. It will save you a few years that you might otherwise spend on experimenting with things that may not work.

I have attended many of the previous sessions of Brijesh. What is new in this series?
This is a new series developed by Brijesh. It aims at giving you the best he has got. Since you have attended many of his sessions before, you may find some of the ideas and discussion repetitive but you will still get a lot of value because Brijesh has hand-picked 10 of his best ideas that you can start implementing immediately. You should consider this as the ‘Mother of all Programs’ done by Brijesh.

100% money back guarantee. If you do not like it after two sessions, you can ask for refund. No questions asked.