Do you have confidence in the industry?

I meet thousands of IFAs across the country. Some of them are highly successful while others are struggling. If I were to identify one key e ...

18 Aug 2016
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Keep Going

Keep your focus intact. Keep your head down. Keep your discipline running. Keep selling SIPs. Keep servicing clients. Keep understanding the ...

04 Aug 2016
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Be passive

Passive approach wins. Not only passive investors make money when it comes to advisors; those who apply a long term approach in their adviso ...

01 Aug 2016
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Focus on Asset Allocation

Many IFAs go extra bullish on equity funds because they think equity as an asset class outperforms other investments over long periods. They ...

15 Jun 2016
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Clients are like SIPs

Clients are like SIP. With time they grow. SIPs don't give instant rewards. They take years and decades to create wealth. Similarly, cli ...

18 Apr 2016
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Make loyal clients

A lot of IFAs feel happy that they have hundreds and thousands of customers. However, they don't have a large business. This is because ...

08 Apr 2016
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There is a lot of talk about IFAs mis-selling to clients. Then there are regulations which assume clients to know everything and allows them ...

25 Mar 2016
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Ignore the noise

There is so much noise around. About regulations, market movements, performance, research, client behavior, etc. Average IFAs participate in ...

15 Mar 2016
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Manage Clients

Essentially, IFAs need to manage clients more than their investments. Volatility is part of this business and clients are generally not comf ...

29 May 2017
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