SIP is a killer

SIP is a killer. It works so very well for clients and for IFAs too. It starts slow but moves at lightening speed once it gets momentum. Eve ...

11 Dec 2017
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New clients will stay longer

It is important to hold clients for long term to benefit from them. It takes a lot of time to acquire a client and so it is crucial that the ...

04 Dec 2017
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Be on the client's side

As an IFA, our ultimate objective is to increase our AUM and increase our revenue. However, in order for this to happen, we must always be o ...

27 Nov 2017
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Stay away negativity

A lot of distributor engage in posting lot of negative messages (profession related or otherwise too) on social media. Stay away from it. Yo ...

13 Nov 2017
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Everything will settle down

I remember, around ten years ago, IFAs used to be concerned about the future of mutual fund business since entry load was banned. They thoug ...

06 Nov 2017
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Do more client meetings

I coined a golden strategy to grow in mutual fund business. It was the rule of 10/10 – to meet 10 existing/prospective clients every w ...

30 Oct 2017
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Make yourself premium

Many distributor meet clients at odd hours because clients demand this. This should be avoided. Be professional. Doing it once in a whi ...

20 Oct 2017
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Create your own brand

Create your own brand. It helps big time in the long run. While you may not see value of branding in the short term, it will slowly compound ...

16 Oct 2017
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Focus on Active Clients

A lot of IFAs claim to have large number of clients and yet their AUM is small. This is because they have a lot of inactive clients. In this ...

09 Oct 2017
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Give 70% time to mutual funds

Different clients have different needs. So, there is no problem in selling different financial products to your clients. However, for you to ...

25 Sep 2017
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Keep meeting clients

In the beginning, your conversion ratio of clients will be poor. May be out of 100 prospective you meet, you would be able to convert just 2 ...

18 Sep 2017
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Keep it simple

Sell simple products and keep things simple. Don’t make things complicated for clients thinking that they will then put more value in ...

11 Sep 2017
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Power of compounding for IFAs

They say ‘Compounding is the 8th wonder of the world’. I agree. It works not only for clients but IFAs too. Clients reap compoun ...

04 Sep 2017
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Integrity is expensive

Don’t sell mutual funds. Instead, practice integrity. You will make more money. In today’s world, integrity is priced at a premi ...

28 Aug 2017
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Client First

If you make money faster than clients, you will end up being poor in this business. An IFA should grow with the growth of his clients. It ta ...

21 Aug 2017
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Don't use your gut feeling while advice clients

I sometime use my gut feeling for investing my own money but I only use knowledge and wisdom when it comes to my client’s money. This ...

14 Aug 2017
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Nothing is permanent

Nothing is permanent in life. The same is true with mutual fund advisory and distribution business also. The model will keep on changing. Re ...

07 Aug 2017
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Don't be an all rounder

Don’t be an all rounder. You should be the advisor and let your people do the servicing. Team work brings reward to everyone. You know ...

31 Jul 2017
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Don't prove the client wrong

No doubt an IFA knows more than clients about mutual funds. However, don’t try to prove the client wrong. Instead, walk with them and ...

24 Jul 2017
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Super IFAs think positive in all situations

Super IFAs think positive in all situations. Average IFAs think negative and call it being practical. Super IFAs ask themselves, “How ...

17 Jul 2017
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The easiest way to fund your SIP is to sell SIP to clients

Increase your SIP book. Increase your AUM. Once you do, your trail goes up and you can increase your own SIP. In the long term, the biggest ...

10 Jul 2017
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